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How Much Does Hydro Excavation Cost?


Hydro excavation is a safe, efficient and cost-effective alternative to mechanical digging. It is perfect for projects that require working near buried utilities including storm drains, internet cables and sewer pipes. When it comes down to labour cost, risk of damages and speed, hydro excavation works out to be the cheapest method.

But just how expensive is hydro excavation? The truthful answer is that it can vary significantly. The cost of hydro excavation depends on many factors including waste disposal requirements, ground conditions, asset locations and the cost of labour. Prices are typically calculated based upon an hourly rate, including a minimum call out time. For a small hydro vacuum truck with one operator, prices start at approximately $125 per hour plus GST.


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What Factors Influence Hydro Excavation Rates?

Size Matters

Selecting the right equipment is essential for the overall success of your project. When choosing the size of your vac truck you must consider spoil capacity, water capacity and vacuum power. MW Hire has recently introduced a brand new 6000L Vacuum truck available for dry hire engineered to operate on large projects and is built to last.

Material disposal throughout the vacuum excavation process is responsible for one of the highest costs. Project leaders must ensure they choose the appropriate unit for the size and scale of the project. It may be tempting to select the smaller unit due to the lower upfront cost, but this can prove expensive in the long run. The liquified material stored in the debris tank is heavy and may need to be emptied multiple times throughout a project. This process can delay the project significantly, increasing the hire fee of the hydro excavator and increasing labour costs.


Wet Hire vs Dry Hire

One of the important variables in determining the cost of a hydro excavation project is the choice between wet or dry hire. Wet hire includes the machinery alongside a trained and experienced operator, whereas dry hire is simply the machinery on its own. The cost of dry hire is significantly lower than wet hire as there is no need to pay for the operators labour. However, dry hire is only suited to those who are experienced with using hydro excavation equipment and simply require the tools to complete a project.


The Cost of Potential Damage

Non-destructive digging can be used in a wide range of industries from construction to rail networks to telecommunication industries, while also being used in rural and metro locations. Non-destructive digging can be used for potholing on service gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines to avoid creating substantial holes. Straightening power line poles is another use for non-destructive digging.

Hydro excavation enables the soil surrounding the pole to be loosened which enables the pole to be moved, then once straightened, the soil then is reinforced. Non-destructive digging is also useful for tree planting and remediation. Underground services such as gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines can exist where trees need to be planted. It also enables arborists to analyse the extent of root invasion without causing damage to existing below ground services.


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