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Should You Use a Vacuum Truck for Your Next Excavation Project?


With the ever-increasing prices of standard excavation techniques, the construction industry is always seeking to implement a safer and cheaper excavation option. This is why vacuum excavation has become increasingly popular for various excavation projects including creating holes to replace or maintain underground utilities and services or remove waste and demolition material. Vacuum trucks can also be used for sewer pipe cleaning and catch basin cleaning.


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What are the Benefits to Vacuum Excavation?

There is a myriad of benefits that are associated with vacuum excavation which may not have crossed your mind. Here is a list of reasons as to why vacuum excavation is taking over traditional excavation techniques:

  • Reduced Manual Labour
  • Reduced Noise
  • Cheaper Option
  • Safer Option
  • Keep Project on Schedule
  • Little Damage Caused


Reduced Labour

When using traditional excavation techniques, you would need to excavate a large area with the help of several employees and hard labour. Many employees struggle to continue to keep their work ethic up in hot and cold working conditions. However, when using a vacuum truck, employees will exert less energy, decreasing the likelihood of injury occurring.

Reduced Noise

If you live in a residential area and have listened to your neighbour using an excavator, you know how loud and problematic this can be. With the vacuum truck, there is hardly any noise when compared to traditional excavation techniques. If you need to work through the night as well to complete a project task, the vacuum truck won’t cause a scene.

Reduced Cost

Vacuum trucks are much more cost-effective in comparison to traditional excavation techniques. Traditional excavation requires you to hire a few contractors as well as hire a range of equipment to complete the project. With the vacuum truck, all you need to hire is the vacuum truck and have an operator that understands their project task.

A Safer Option

Vacuum trucks require fewer employees to complete your construction project as well as utilise less equipment. This significantly reduces the likelihood of serious injury occurring during a project. The use of less machinery makes the overall vacuum excavation process a lot more streamlined.

Keep Project on Schedule

Utilising a vacuum truck can significantly reduce your excavation time onsite. By using hydro jets and vacuum use means that you will be able to save money on workers’ salaries, but also improve overall work efficiency.

Little Damage Caused

Vacuum excavation allows contractors to excavate the ground for utilities and services such as gas, water and telecommunications without causing damage to these services, requiring replacement. With vacuum excavation, you can remove soil and other debris around these services without any troubles as the water is enough to break down the soil.

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Whether you’re working on a large commercial job that takes months or years, safety should be your number one priority on the worksite. This kind of damage to underground utilities can negatively impact local residents or buildings, and it’s something that is easily avoided with non-destructive digging. With a vac truck from MW Hire on your site, the likelihood of ruptured utilities is virtually eliminated. Contact us today.


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