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What is Non-Destructive Digging?

The process of non-destructive digging or hydro excavation is to remove small particles or heavy debris such as organic and inorganic materials from various surfaces or existing holes. From the removal of street waste and demolition material through to exposing piping for replacements and utility installations, non-destructive digging is widely accepted as the safest and most effective way to access existing below ground services.

Non-destructive digging also commonly known as vacuum excavation or hydro excavation is regarded as one of the safest excavation techniques. Non-destructive digging has many important applications within both residential and commercial sectors. This form of excavation is quick, easy and very affordable compared to other excavation techniques.


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Why is non-destructive digging important?

Non-destructive digging is an essential process in exposing and accessing pre-existing underground services that can be damaged through conventional excavation. Being able to remove materials to access objects in a safe manner significantly reduces the risk of damaging infrastructure that already exists such as electricity services, water and gas piping and telephone services. Whether you use non-destructive equipment such as a STG Global hydro excavator or high-pressure water excavator, non-destructive excavation offers a safe work environment but also peace of mind when removing debris. Non-destructive digging also ensures a clean work site compared to other excavation methods, which reduces clean up time while saving costs.


How does non-destructive digging work?

Non-destructive digging is a process which highly pressurised water and air is blasted onto surfaces that are organic and inorganic. In order to achieve the best results for non- destructive digging, professional experience and equipment is required. This operation imitates the process of classic excavation techniques, but since the air or water is being focused on a particular section, the ground around the section does not become disturbed and effect underground services or tree roots. Once this soil has loosened, a suction hose is placed in the ground to suck up excess debris into a hydro vac storage tank. When the operation is complete, the excess debris is then placed back into the section, reducing waste.


What are the most common projects used for non-destructive digging?

Non-destructive digging can be used in a wide range of industries from construction to rail networks to telecommunication industries, while also being used in rural and metro locations. Non-destructive digging can be used for potholing on service gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines to avoid creating substantial holes. Straightening power line poles is another use for non-destructive digging. Hydro excavation enables the soil surrounding the pole to be loosened which enables the pole to be moved, then once straightened, the soil then is reinforced. Non-destructive digging is also useful for tree planting and remediation. Underground services such as gas, water, sewer and telecommunication lines can exist where trees need to be planted. It also enables arborists to analyse the extent of root invasion without causing damage to existing below ground services.

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